“The installation is designed to work with any number of people and is scalable to cover small or large areas. The interaction is very simple – movement creates paint. Hidden in the simplicity, are many layers of subtle details. Different aspects of the motion – size, speed, acceleration, curvature, distance all have an effect on the outcome – strokes, splashes, drips, spirals – and is left up to the users to play and discover.

While the installation is suitable for a single user, when multiple users are present a new dynamic emerges between people. A user-to-user interaction is born when the audience start playing with each other through the installation, throwing virtual paint at each other, trying to splash their friends, working collaboratively to create shared artwork, or mischievously trying to vandalize others’ work.” (

“To vandalize others’ work” is a way to say but this art piece in public space it became a place to express feeling.They are 3 elements in nature of the art works: conceptual element, operational element and synthetic element. They are always omnipresent in art, digital interactive or  not .Conceptual element it can describe by impulse, feeling and finalizing with an idea. Operational element we start to transfer idea into a media using a technique and adapting material. Synthetic element it can be finalize as visual forms. Code is a new material that artists can use and an inspiration for they subject matter. Network a place for artists to trace they lives by ,using “memory” as new word.

Metro, Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010:  Your iPhone could be turned into spy phone

Smartphones could easily become spy phone, with hackers able to eavesdrop on your conversations, researchers have warned.

Software called a “rootkit” could let hackers turn on tracking GPS, send confidential data or even drain the battery, all without the owner’s knowledge.

“Smartphone are essentially becoming regular computers”, said Vinod Ganapathy at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

By Miles Erwin

Do they really find everything about us? what about our feeling?

Daniel Rozin : “My work is described as digital interactive art , even though it is not always digital and not always interactive…but that term seems to best describe the general area of my expression.”

Varnelis. Networkedbook:” Today digital media is unmistakable presence in everyday life and is increasingly to maintain social needs and conventions.

Varnelis : “Network cultural production draws on reality , from reality television to blog, to My space, to YouTube, to the art gallery.”

I use network as research activity, by writing now in this blog, by replaying for delayed mails ,or finding what we gone to wear in fashion or checking the weather and so far deciding to book a last minute a ticket for tonight.



About irinacorduban

I always enjoyed Art from an early age and she spend most of her childhood drawing and design anything and everything! This love of Art has stayed with her and developed and grown and, now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else.
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