Decode: An interactive simulation environment

After the coming of Interactive computer technology and digital visual simulation technology, Video art as a kind of interaction is increasingly reflected in the text of the meaning of non-social field of virtual scenarios, as well as a variety of computational tools related to digital interactive system combinations, such as Digital Video, sculpture, automatic machines, sensors, or the game procedures.

In the interactive text of video, some topics do not need to simulate a realistic image of the environment. Computer digital imaging technology can only be based simulation of a fictional ideas and imagination of visual experience to help present a more subtle or, more specifically the concept of imagination.

In the work of Dandelion, the author has made an impressive interactive modeling, opens new ways of artistic applications in computer technology. In the world of interactive simulation, the infinite and eternal things are inevitably tamed. In an interactive practice, this approach makes tools for the liberation of the hands, body, memory, or human reason.

In the Video Interactive works, the time which cannot be completed because of machinery and equipment practical obstacles, in a simulated reality, there is likely to occur. Is art or virtual art a kind of “anti-destiny” of the exercise? What it will bring to the artists?

by christie

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