Decode: Exquisite Clock – Edit

Networks are the part of our lives on many levels. We are connected through social and telecommunications networks; a special group of people, friends, colleages and Local or Wide Area Networks.
The new ever developing networks supported by Internet technology have no center or leader. The various nodes and components are held together by open participation. (Deseriis › No End In Sight)

In V&A Museum’s Decode exhibition I saw a piece which grabbed my attention. The ‘Exquisite Clock’ by Fabrica. The clock is showing real time using images resambling the numbers uploaded by the audience to the Internet. The website is alive and anyone can contribute to the clock, which is a great example of network art with contributions from all over the world. The aim of the piece is simple and this ‘organisation’ truely lacks of centre or any leader. I am fascinated by the fact that the pictures are uploaded and being used for showing the time continuously. Probably that is why I missed that live connection to the outside world being presented in the exhibition. It would have been more real and convincing if we could see some information, for instance, about the next picture coming up on the screen. To see how the information is flowing and feeding into this art piece.

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