My texts of pecha kucha

Slide 1: The butterfly often reminds me of beauty and love, which is the theme of my life. I made this picture when I did my design module. It reminds me of precious, sensitive, freedom and transformation as well. Hope I can live my life as a butterfly. Trying to be beautiful and brave.

Slide2: I was so happy to capture that moment when the two dogs were kissing each other. They seem to be lovers in happiness, who enjoy the sunshine and enjoy love.

Slide3: Home is always the most precious place in my mind. At home, you feel warm, you feel safe and you feel relax. The door is always open to us, and the flowers are so familiar.
Slide4: See the different style of the house in BeiJing and Canterbury. I’d love to do comparison. Compare “here” to “there”, compare “east” to “west”. Living in the UK can both alter prior expectations of the country as well as generating processes of critical reflection about the nature of both China and western societies.

Slide5: When I met these two girls, I remembered my childhood, which play a important role in my hole life. I wore colourful clothes and ate lollipops as they did. The years without sorrows and anxiety, I miss them so much.
Slide6: The boys in the black and white picture seem to be confused. We can also find naivety and curious in their eyes. It is interesting to see the boys and girls come from different countries, and in different appearance.

Slide7: When I compare things I compare the countryside and the urban. You can see the students don’t dress in the same way, and live in different space, but the same thing is the student life in China is under stress.
Slide8: I do like the school uniform in London. It is good-looking. Perhaps, instead of sporty wear, the students in my hometown can have fashionable uniform as well. Hopefully, there will not be so many dress rules in Chinese school. Girls can put the hair down, and boys can have long hair one day.
Slide9: This one of my best friend. I am quite happy to make portrait of someone’s golden age. She is so beautiful like a butterfly and just transforms from a girl to a woman.
Slide10: After showing the boys and girls from the east and west, I want to let you see the woman and the man. It is good to be young; we should live life to full.
Slide11: See the Chinese folk musicians playing “Er Hu”. Music can cross the boundary of countries and languages. It inspires me and makes me feel relax.
Slide12: The difference between Er Hu and violin is that the former only has two strings yet the latter has four strings.
Slide 13: When I visit the famous historical site “Bei Hai Park”, I saw an old man sitting there and stay alone. I feel that I am insignificant to the world like the human being. I will never know what the man was thinking about, and other people neither.
Slide 14: Even the place changed, it is not Bei Hai park anymore, it’s Covent garden, I still keeping watching and thinking. It is also a good thing to keep travelling, which can open the horizon and extend the perspective. And see, where I am belong to, “here” or “there”.
Slide15: I am pound of the diversity of the ethnic of my country. It is good to have communications between them. We learn from each other, and we get improved. I’d love to make friends with people who can fresh me and surprise me.
Slide16: I quite appreciate that people can keep their incivility. It is nice to see culture difference through the appearance of people.
Slide17: In China, we hang on red lamps to celebrate the festival. It means lackey and happiness. I can feel the passion and good wishes of the people through the burning fire in the lamps.
Slide18:When it comes to Christmas, balloons’ everywhere. There are a lot of huge balloons over the street. I’d love to see the big word of “HOPE” and some colourful paintings as well.
Slide19: I was so moved that the old couple held up each other. We grow from a child to adult, after years of thinking, watching and doing, we become old. How time flies.

Slide20:I see the similar thing outside the bus in London. In a word,love and beautiful things cross the boundaries of nations.



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