Artist as theorist——Nancy

In “artist as theorist”, the author discussed that contemporary art usually refers to the knowledge of other fields, like science and technology. And a large scale and site-specific art project will go through a progressive process of attitudes change, views broaden, and awareness is awakened, also this progress will involve lots people, such as participants or observers. I agree with these points, combining process and progress of my project. When we started our art works, the initial ideas will be the spirits of the works, so we explained our ideas or initial conception to classmates and tutors then get significant feedback to improve our conceptions. During the process of art work, it is also important to have theories and related knowledge to support the work; otherwise the art work will be an empty visual object. Personally I believe there is trend that science and technology becoming the inspirations of art work, for example “Decode” exhibition in V&A gallery that all the art objections were based on digital and network technology from form to content. In another words, the conceptions and meanings are more valuable than art forms.

In this chapter, the author mentioned Chinese artist Chen Zhen’s concept of “transexperience”, as an international student in UK, I did have more understanding from the comparisons between western and east culture, also the considerations of races and religions which were reflected in my art project.

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