“Decode” entirely showed the viewers a digital art exhibition from its content to form. The artists capture the beauty of digital from various perspectives. This exhibition is creative and reflects our digital life. I was impressed by the part of “interactivity”, this part built an interactive relationship between the artists and viewers. In this part, art exhibition is not the cold objects only for watching, but the creative and interesting installations for viewers to experience; on the other hand, the viewers also become the performers when they participated in the exhibition. In the gallery, I found that the most viewers, especially teenagers were attracted by the interactive art works, this phenomenon might reflect the development trends of public art. It also implied that in 21 century, the human’s life tightly connected with technology.

I was especially impressed by the art work “Flight Patterns” which visually record the paths of air traffic over North America in 24hours. Aaron Koblin used digital tool to show the human connection in North America so viewers could actually recognize the locations of the cross points. This work reflected the interaction and communications of people in North America.

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