One semitone to semiotic

Click to listen Hmmm

The picture on the left symbolizes sound, which can be heard by clicking on the link next to it. The text next to the link is the word given to the sound. What is the meaning behind the sound and the text? sadness?boredom? confusion? curiosity?

I first encountered the word ‘semiotics’ when working on a sound piece based on sound of language. Human language, which usually consists of words and speech signifies many types of meanings. A word and its meaning can be defined by the intonation in utterance. The sound of the word and its meaning can be defined by the culture and history. However, we are also able to define the meaning of a word based on our personal experience and memories. For example, a mother who is constantly pointing at herself and saying ‘mommy’ to her new born baby. Well, if the mother uses the word ‘daddy’ instead, the child will grow up to call her daddy!

Do you remember how you start speaking a language?

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