I have read about semiotics or the study of cultural sign processes on wiki web page. I found semiotics has an unique way of analyzing the structure of language, symbols by dividing them into 3 branches which are Semantics ‘relation between signs and the things to which they refer, Syntactic ‘relations among signs in formal structure and Pragmatics ‘relations between signs and their effects on the people who use them. I believe use of Semiotic knowledge gives a wide dimensions to expression in art, media to express their ideas or to communicate with others by using signs. thousand years ago Babylonian,  Faro Egyptian, Chinese have used signs to communicate, and now in modern days  using sings to communicate is increasing every day by side of developing technology. I guess the most sign we see on daily bases is Exit sing, the good thing about signs you is you we are not reading words, but we are seeing a shape /sign which translated to words in our mind.

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