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                                                                                            The beginning and current positions

 Initially the semiotic was considered as a science. There were two positions regarding semiotic; Pierce and Saussure.

On one hand, Saussure defended the position based on the text; t he sign is basically composed of   signifier and signified. The signifier is the specific form that the    sign takes while signified is the concept to which the signs refer. So, Saussure focused on the linguistic sign what is consider   semiotic structuralism- base on text  

 On the other hand, Pierce   stance   a triadic model. The representation, the interpret ant and the object. According to Pierce “ WE THINK ONLY IN SIGNS”.

 Chandelier emphasized   that we are species making meanings always –homo significant –meanings –makers.

Contemporary semiotitians consider the semiotic analysis as one of many techniques used to explore sign practices. Also when the sign is applied in different medias perhaps it is needed different type of analysis .  So the Semitic analysis is consider just one among others

  Over all,  when we create a form whether a text, a picture or a sculpture  we have already  created a sign what is  our interpretation of the reality, but just the reality of us , whom made the sing. Moreover, to make it a real sign it needs to be interpreted, as declares Pierce “nothing is a sign unless it is interpreted as a sign”. Furthermore, each viewer makes his own interpretation ,it would depend on the  social  convention that we have already  learn.



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