Vanishing Borders

One of the pitfalls of the language is that is related to systems of codes and sings, regarding to this matter it would be accurate point out, what it is going to be the place of it, to the light of the new contemporary expressions which are referring to actions that are exploring virtual environments rather than representing the reality. The concept of reality is something that we have agreed to have a point of convergence; there is where the textual language is the bridge that we all use to communicate our experiences. Signs, words, images and gestures have been used to exchange those plural experiences. Any kind of figurative artwork could be linked to the language and its references can be decodified in terms of   textual networks. But what happen when the artist is working whit installation that are exploring scenarios where the spectator has the opportunity of going through a site that provides an articulation between experience in real time and sensitive interactions. For instance sonic art is the less figurative art practice; the researchers in this field are going further than the visual traditional practices such as painting, drawing and digital photography.


These explorations are leaving a grey area that the model proposed by the semiotic studies of the 60s did not envisage, for instance Maryanne Amacher was exploring the sequences that our brain can not perceive but still been there. Her research was a clear example that language sometimes is not the best instrument to describe actions in creative fields.


So what is the place of the text nowadays when everything is vanishing in a deconstructive environment?



About angelrokatz

Independet Curator and Visual artist
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