Mulholland Drive Review by Angel

I would like to start by stating why I have chosen this movie as an example to make the relations whit the psychoanalysis. David lynch filmography has explored the levels of the human condition, going through different depictions of the main topics treated by the psychoanalyst authors such as Freud and Lacan.


For instance the paradox of phallocentrism that Laura Mulvey has analized in the film industry, is a good example about the repetition of patterns to fascinate and persuade audiences, however there are directors who are working in other direction, in the film Mulholland Drive the characters are personifying those patterns, a woman who lost her memory a car wreck, starts finding the clues to recognize who she were before, during the develop of the movie she mix her fantasies whit her frustrated dreams.

In this movie the phallocentrism is represented by a variety of roles such as the figure of the male director who is successful, becoming as a figure to pay tribute, the actresses try to seduce him to get a place in that competitive industry. In this situation the director takes to the protagonist to do a casting in a room which has a mirror, behid this one is the committee all of them are men. The producers need to be convinced that she is the right one to play the role. In this action we can see how the structure of seduction works the men need to be deducted to produce seduction for the crowd. Not just the body and the feminity of the woman has been exploited as a recourse to get attention for the male social capitalism system, also the psychology of the woman has been deducted to patterns of ingenuity and submission. Coming back again whit the characters of this movie, the woman who helps the amnesic girl is very much the opposite of her, she is strong, decided and leads the way, while the other is fragile pretty and naïve. In these two personalities are the models that feminist tries identify.



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  1. Neen says:

    After I watched Mulholland Drive I read this – might be interesting to read if you have watched the film.

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