The main stream cinema, attempts to create an illusion of joy by representing and narrating images, containing pleasurable elements for the spectators. To realize what these elements are, the psychoanalytic approach is very helpful tool to break down the language of mainstream cinema in creating the look.

Observation the history of mainstream cinema reveals its use of erotic codes of the patriarchal society to create visual pleasure. Sexual instincts persuade desire, thus females are portrayed as sexual objects on the screen for scopophilic spectators.

Furthermore, Freud stated there is a desire to see and gain pleasure independent of erotogenic zones and based on human curiosity and controlling nature. “Cinema gives an illusion of looking in on a private world, separates the spectator and gives an illusion of voyeuristic phantasy.” Laura Mulvey, Visual pleasure and Narrative cinema. , Consequently controlling the spectator’s looking. Moreover, psychoanalysis put forwards an unconscious narcissistic Scopophilia which cinema codes to tell anthropomorphic narratives. Here, the spectator’s identification process creates a desire.

“ Curiosity and the wish to look intermingle with a fascination with likeness and recognition, the human face, human body, the relationship the human form and its surroundings, the visible presence of the person in the world.” Laura Mulvey, Visual pleasure and Narrative cinema. This comes from self recognition of image with the mirror in childhood which now has been replaced by the screen and in fact misrecognises the reality of body image by creating an ideal ad super ego outside the body of spectator.


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