Laura Mulvey and the gaze through her psychoanalytical approach to the film industry


Men act woman appear john Berger 

  Along the time the gaze has a privilege of just one gender over the other and it still goes on currently.  As we can see in the art history -pictures with woman nude- the woman’s image has been taken as object of a male gaze.

 Laura Mulvey   in her essay titled Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema 1975, make an approaching    to the film industry and point out  what is the role of the woman .   Her analysis is  based on a  psychoanalytic  framework ( Sigmund Freud)  ;she  stance on  two important elements  in   Hollywood  films:  erotic pleasure in looking- scopophylia-  pleasure using  another person  as an object of  sexual stimulation  through the sight ; the other  aspect is  the pleasurable looking (narcissism ) in which viewers  find  identification  with the image that is seen, it  has to do with ego. Thus woman play the role of object  for a male gaze  in the patriarchal culture.

 Nowadays it is easy to related and find   in the film industry all of this viewpoints that Laura  Mulvey  wrote in 1975.

 “The presence of woman is an indispensable element of spectacle  in normal narrative film , yet her visual` presence tends to work against  the development of  a  story line to freeze the flow of action  in moments of  erotic contemplation “ . Laura Mulvey  

This extract ilustrades exactly a scene in the movie   Transformer in which Megan Fox (American actress) – play the role what Mulvey  refers.


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