Antivirus Art

I have found fascinating the Chris Mitchell´ idea of art as virus in the context of a participatory culture. I might say that the art could operate as antivirus as already the system has taken over by the trends of the consumerism. Catch the attention of the audience in general whit art manifestations, still being a huge challenge for any artist. The resistance imposed by the codes of exchange value, generates in the public a sensation that art is just another branch of entertainment. What Mitchells is doing whit his practice is a process that allows the spectators become part active of his artwork while they are interacting and complementing the sense of the performance. Using the strategies of attraction of the stand up comedy, that the public recognize and they can contribute without feeling as a part of an experiment, is a good example of how art can be a bridge to create a specific mood is the audience. The performance as a special kind of artwork that is not possible of reproduce, not in the same way at least in time and space is another important connector in his proposal.


When Walter Benjamin stated how the reproduction Medias started changing the concept of aura that art had had, is another reference that gives his work a solid platform to discuss what the role of art is, in a mass culture society where everything can replaceable, we have been driven by desire and seduction. Art is a way to offer the audiences the possibility of escaping from their environments.

Which have been constructed on the idea of repetition; for instance the corridors and the office halls in the city buildings appear as infinite mazes, without the logo or the brand of the company, who could identify which company is different from the other. The reproduction has gone further also we have been surrounded by vain figures that are trying to seduce our minds that also our bodies and behaviors can be molded. I am stating this because in my own practice I have been using photography and video which refers to this phenomenon, how the technologies of the body are changing the idea of originality. As the photography changes the idea of aura in the art, the genetic procedures and the plastic surgery is affecting dramatically the concept of being unique as an individual Jeffery Deitch once wrote for his exhibition this may be the last generation of pure humans. Walking on the high street or pop into a night club give us an idea of how the reproduction is everywhere.  Mitchells works has come up whit a miss piece that many manifestations of art have been struggling, how to integrate and interact whit the public in a mood that suits whit their emotions, engage the audience using art and sow it as an antivirus within their minds.



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One Response to Antivirus Art

  1. Neen says:

    You say “Art is a way to offer the audiences the possibility of escaping from their environments.” should that be the role of art? If so why?

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