Image of women in ancient Chinese painting

Women as the main theme of the painting has a long history in china, here I found some famous ancient Chinese paintings which are main present women’s beauty in different period.

Wei, Jin and Southern-Northern Dynasties

This period is a period pay attention to people’s inner qualities, in this period women’s beauty is graceful and dignity

<Ode to the Goddess of Luo River>

Tang Dynasty

In this period people seem luxurious and plump as the sign of beauty.

<Beauties Wearing Flowers>

Five Dynasties

Healthy beauty period

<Han Hsi-tsai’s Night Revels>

Song dynasty

Simplicity and Nature

<Spinning Wheel>

Yuan dynasty

Hide the figure of waist

<Du Qiu Tu>

Ming Dynasty

Refined and peaceful

<Wuling spring>

Qing Dynasty

Soft and weak and sickness beauty

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