Power of Words beats commodification of art

‘In our sociological context, the pursuit of profit and the commodification of art can therefore be seen as a limitation on freedom and a constraint against the hope inducing and renewing qualities of art. This commercial pressure exerted on creativity is even more sinister in the context of ideological art, where creative expression seeks to ask questions of the dominant culture and engage politically in conveying real freedom.’- William Stopha

William Stopha who calls himself a performance poet or Hip Hop MC, tends stimulate the audience’s thinking, reflective and questioning process through his multimedia performance. By acting against his quote above, Stopha uses his website as a work of public collaboration by giving people the freedom to post words, images, sound or to redesign the website. In his multimedia performance, ‘Hope For Robots’, William performed with robots featured on a video.  I perceive layers of reproducibility in this piece of work. First of all, I watched his performance on video recording, which he posted on his website. The performance video was placed below the video of the robots, which he had used in that performance. Although he uses mechanical reproducibility via video recording but this is to give the audience access to his performance on his website.

‘It is for this reason that the intended project outlined in this proposal will exist firstly as a performance in actual time and space, it is also why the audience will be invited to contribute as a creative and active interpreter’ –William Stopha

Although I did not get to chance to experience the performance in the actual time and space, I could grasp the elements of the performance by reading the text of the poetry posted next to the video on his website. I perceive this from how Stopha has optimised the power of words in his poetry.

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