art, life and performance

Mitchell’s work call up  my memory of once I attended in the “Land art” event in the third year of my BA study in China. In the art event there are many artists wearing strange clothes dancing like a ceremony and read the poetry then bury the beautiful flowers in the soil. They leave a piece of glass on the top of the flowers then people can see the image and the position of the flowers clearly in the soil. I think it have something common with Mitchell’s art work what is different between them maybe the concept the environment and the performance format.

In the book <Naure Perdormed> the author said that” life is a kind of performance, and we are part of that performance.” “Performance and the performative are extended beyond deliberate human-centered action to the improvisation and exuberance exhibited by life, using the term both in its biological sense and in that of the hermeneutics of human experience and meaning. Performance is mutual creation, an adaptation with variation where organisms, ideas, activities and memories move into new context, transforming both themselves and these contexts in the process. It is a conversing between human and human, human and nature or organism and environment and in all cases in an exchange with unpredictable outcomes as its effects continue into the future. Those unanticipated consequences, are, like the event itself, dependent on their contexts; and through this, the shifting from familiar context to the unfamiliar, the crossing of environmental and conceptual boundaries, can be an intentional act of transformation or inherent in life’s ongoing performativity.”

This is the picture of the event I mentioned in the first paragraph

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