“All  our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the  understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than  reason” – Immanuel Kant

Kant, who is regarded as the philosopher of Enlightenment questioned or proposed the freedom to know and understand the reasons. A man who cultivates his own mind to understand is encouraged to spread his knowledge . This branches out into the philosophy or arts, which describes aesthetic ideas are determined by experience of reasons.

Media plays an important role in expanding the realm of communication where people are able to share and exchange thoughts.

‘I value poetry only insofar as it is the ornament of reason’ – Voltaire (quoted in Furst, 1969, p. 19)

Poetry is one’s expression in awakening to the truth, understanding the reasons and one’s courage to accept it. In fact, this branch of philosophy is comparable to mind observation, which is a movement towards scientific consciousness

I also personally perceive enlightenment in the light of buddhist teachings, which is to purify one’s mind to bring the daily life into harmony with the universe.


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One Response to Enlightenment

  1. Clare Gosling says:

    Kelly – Kelly with a y not with an e! 🙂 I like how you have talked about enlightenment with Kant’s quote about how we experience things through the senses and then how this proceeds to understanding. I also an very interested in buddism and find it facinating how people manage to become so peacefull and still are years of practising. After looking at the illustrations of buddist images in books which are placed next to the poetry, you can see how the simplicity of the message written in words is shown next to the simplicity of the images which is a very strong combination. The outline of a bird against the sky for example. The tao te ching is my favorite book which shows this. It is one of my familys favorite books, that has been passed around and rescued from almost being destroyed once. It can no longer be found in print. The wise and peacefull people I have met who practise buddism often say that becoming aware of your consciousness and your unconsciousness at the same time is the journey to becoming wise and aware of the universe which surrounds you. I think sometimes people become out of touch with the universe which surrounds us, and buddism is a clear example of how it is possible to keep in touch with our world and the universe which surrounds us. Clare

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