Performance as the first step for freedom in art in this unhealthy society


I find interesting the notion of art as virus in the context   of participatory culture regarding the work of Chris Mitchell. Basically, it is stimulating his exploration into artistic freedom purposing as one of the contemporary art expressions with poetry as the first step in pursuing the freedom in art   in this unhealthy society.

He explains that according to Blois and Ippolito ( ‘At the Edge of Art’, 2006) there is an unhealthy society. However, art could have a role as do antibodies in the human immune system, struggling against tithe pathological state of the society. Art could fight the infection in the social body. But what is the sample to say that social body is infected?  Basically this infection could be noticed in the excessive technological proliferation and the commerce.

In addition, he asserts    that art is not that so free as it is thought because somehow it is based on commercial issues. The attempt of looking for the profitability in art and the process of commodification bring a limitation. Thus, art is not that free.

However, he states that poetry is suited as the resistance of commercial viability; also, performance could be seen as one of the strategies  in the resistance of imitations- reproductions- in terms of artistic freedom.

I significantly agree with his view because a fine art work is a tangible one and it has a price; Also, its reproductions make it more commercial. Whether it is painting, printing, collage or a sculpture the fact that they are mercantile works. They have a static value; furthermore as the years pass it probably would increase.  So, it is not that easy for a visual artwork to get rid of its monetary value and its reproduction   since it has existence at the place. Nevertheless, performance as happening also is art expressions as a painting or a sculpture but performance is a transitory work. They make sense basically in the context – time and place.  Performance does not have prize   as a painting do because it is an ephemeral art expression and also it is a non-reproductive art expression.


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