Semiotic is an area that says about what we all know, the way you will never understand. Basically it is a science of meaning. Why is it so hard and grasping a clear understanding of what it does? Because the importance of concerns past the sphere of our lives. And so we have a semiotics of text, image semiotics, semiotics of the media, etc. Semiotics there anywhere where we have to do with communication, because the condition of communication between individuals and groups is the use of systems of signs. A communication in turn is a precondition for the existence of society. Daniel Chandler says that humans create reality. Each message has the author who is more or less aware of the interest and the desired response to the message. Some people believe that reality is objective and something independent from us. They use statements such as “the news they said” or “the newspaper reported,” … Who said that? Who it claims to be? These are the individuals that may have an interest in order to remain difficult to define. This creates the circulating opinions that later formed the reality: they come from one or more people who know how powerful it is semiotics.


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