Essay plan

Paula asked me to post the following initial ideas on my essay plan:

Proposed topic: An exploration of the drivers of the postmodern boom in uptake of cosmetic plastic surgery by women.

Essay map:

Themes that will be explored include : autonomy of these women, effects of the media/male gaze, postmodern reconstruction of the self, striving to actualize the female ego-ideal.


Increase in cosmetic surgery procedures

Question of autonomy of patients

Feminist theory        Social theory          Psychology

Media influence Male gaze Postmodern society Post-humanism? Ego-ideal


Proposed sources:

  1. Davis, K. “Reshaping the Female Body: The Dilemma of Cosmetic Surgery.” Routledge, New York, London, 1995.
  2. Dolezal, L. “The (In)visible Body: Feminism, Phenomenology, and the Case of Cosmetic Surgery.” Hypatia (25): 357-375, 2010.
  3. Haikens, E. “Venus Envy: A History of Cosmetic Surgery.” John Hopkins University Press, 1997.
  4. Gilman, S. L. “Making the Body Beautiful: A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery.” Princeton University Press, 1999.
  5. Heyes, C.J. “A Review of Self-Transformation: Foucault, Ethics, and Normalised Bodies” Oxford University Press, New York, 2007.
  6. Dixon, W.W. “Hyperconsumption in Reality Television: The Transformation of the Self through Televisual Consumerism.” Quarterly Review of Film and Video (25): 52-63, 2008.
  7. Blair, L. and Shalmon, M. “Cosmetic Surgery and the Cultural Construction of Beauty.” Art Educ. (58): 14-18, 2005.

    Miscellaneous media sources:
    Womens magazines such as Elle, Cosmo etc – plastic surgery ads and features.
    Louis Theroux “ Under the knife” BBC 2007, Documentary on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery




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