The role of the photographic document in contemporary art practices

Photography and image creation have become one of the most dynamic form of art in the contemporary art in china since 1990s. The emergence of conceptual photography changed the standard of traditional photography and offered many new possibilities of reveal contemporary lifestyle. Different from traditional photography, conceptual photography have no rules of judgment criteria they are more practical. Conceptual photography developed a new space of contemporary art.  Many artists contribute a big effort in explore new ways in photography; they put different visual experiences in to photography. The potential determinants of art practice is the experience of life, great art work will never be a vassal of technology, it should be the creator of thought and life.

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Cang Xin

In the series of “Identity Exchange” (since late 1990s), in which the artist and different people exchange their clothing to borrow the symbolic status and identity related to their garments, to express the differences between soul and common nature in modern society.



China Art Book 2007

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One Response to The role of the photographic document in contemporary art practices

  1. paula roush says:

    Weiwei, it’s great to read your post on contemporary photography in china. Could you include references for the books or sites you are reading and researching? This would give us the possibility to go to these sources and read more on the topic. THE same for the photographer. Do you have a link to a site of his work? He seems to be playing with identity, gender roles etc. How do you think his work challenges documentary practices?

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