Spectatorship and gaze

The integrated feminist politic in Mary Kelly’s and Laura Mulvey artworks are based on the psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Lacan, Kelly as mother looking into ideas of the child being reassigned to the art objects and Laura focusing on feminists need as a pleasure which need to be destroyed specially feminine in Hollywood cinema which primarily structured upon bringing pleasure.Mulvey’s argue on film’s reflection and play on society by interpretation of sexual difference and imbalance and feminine passive role, which controls images in an erotic way in cinema which fell within its orb of influence.

* Men consciously and unconsciously control the production and reception of film, creating images that satisfy their needs and unconscious desires. cinema uses the images of woman to dissipate male castration fears by forms of voyeurism, containing aspects of sadism and fetishism.

Mary Kelly created a collection of her mothering experience using clay imprints of a child’s hand, nappies, etc. Her visual art works contents of motherhood and clearly communicates her experience in life as mother in an intellectual and emotional touch, which is, reflects mother’s daily life process.

Kelly’s exceptional art works witness birthing a child and an independent child from mother in tow conflicting area in child’s life, which are based on psychological and social structure. In Post-Partum Documents it is wearisome and far from beauty symbols and sense of satisfaction and demands narrow studies.

** Mary Kelly talks about documenting six years of motherhood in her landmark feminist work Post-Partum Document (1973-9).

“There are three things that came together to make Post Partum Document possible. One was historical – it so happened that 1969 was the beginning of the women’s movement and I was involved with groups who were trying to question and understand gender and sexuality.
At the same time I was also an artist who was interested in the conceptual movement and language theory, and I did a lot of film work before I started Post Partum Document, so I tried to bring notions of real time and durational qualities to the piece.
And the third, more fortuitous thing was that I was having a child myself. So with all the discussion about domestic labour at the time…well, I really wanted to understand this process of socialisation, the division of labour in the home, and the relationships of women with their children.

* www.eng.fju.edu.tw/Literary_Criticism/feminism/gaze.htm

** www.culture24.org.uk/art/sculpture+%26+installation/art349280


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