The Artist as Theorist : Practical Theory

The seminar class focusing on the discussion around ‘Artist as Theorist’ pulled on several important strings relating to my own practice – certainly in the way that we [as artists in media] develop our work according to our subjective aims or focuses to communicate our ideas.

Seeing the image based work of Yong Soon Min with ‘Defining Moments’ not only inspired me further to proceed with my photographical idea for my project – but also reinforced some of the theoretically based structure I hope to produce. The mapping of experience on her own biological form is something I have already decided upon for part of my work, whilst ‘Body Image’ [pictured below] also incorporates literary and numerological data almost as a graph of life.

Interesting to note is that in class, Joe mentioned and wondered about the placement of numbers/text on Yong Soon Min’s body in relation to the experience referenced. For example, “Is there any reason why one number is placed above her kidney?”

As I continue and develop my own work, I hope that my photographical images will hold some power over its own visual; i.e. the meaning will come across beyond the obvious body and image overlays. This placement of image is a crucial element to my own work and I am glad to hear this is a consideration given by other viewers. Thanks Joe! I do believe that using practical work to create art theory is beneficial to a viewing audience as the foundations of the artwork can be viewed at the same time as the finished article – almost as if revealing the working methodology. Seeing Yong Soon Min”s work in the light of ‘Practice as Research’, I note the strong sense of cultural and indeed historical critique of experience, informing the personal and of course the subjective approach to media work.


About Dave Itzy

Digital media producer working with contemporary photography and video production.
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3 Responses to The Artist as Theorist : Practical Theory

  1. celiayixie says:

    Through your review, I notice that you use the other artists’ work to inspire and analyse your own work, which give me an idea how to compare our project with the others’. Thanks, David!
    And it’s really useful to add hyperlink, so that readers can seek for more valuable information easily. Thanks again!
    PS: Try to lear from your structure didn’t say much about the content~ well, it’s brilliant!!

    • Dave Itzy says:

      Thank you Celia for your comment!

      It seems the best way to understand these theories are to apply them to our own work and therefore giving it a structure of understanding relevant to ourselves. Putting it into context like this allows a stronger knowledge of the theory supporting our practice.

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