Transexperience and Artist’s life

While reading the Chapter “Artist as the theorist” I came across a phrase “transexperience” which is very much relevant to artists like me who came from a different art framework, transforming them to new environment. As Sullivan expresses it in this way, ”transexperience“ summarizes vividly and profoundly the complex life experiences of leaving one’s native place and going from one place to another in one’s life.” This condition, characterized by in-betweenness, has similarities to many other descriptions of the diaspora, but the departure from convention lies in the way that Chen considered transexperience as a creative catalyst.

As this idea was also explored during the conversation, I feel Sullivan is very true in expressing this term “transexperience” serving as creative catalyst. Putting myself as an example I agree completely because changing environments not only mean a physical change but it also leads a change to experiences, ideas and their effect, which later changes our future art practice. Either the art project has roots from native life, like truck art in my case but yet it transforms between new experiences. For my project, truck art I am using an idea from my previous life journey but the medium that I am using is from new journey life, either the physical medium or my research study.


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2 Responses to Transexperience and Artist’s life

  1. Dave Itzy says:

    I like the analysis of bringing a previous and new life journey into the way your practice is developing – as a native of this country and the only British person on this MA it it crosses my mind very little that the cultural elements that make up this society are different from the ones others may have come from and I think it is a very valid point you make!

  2. I agree with you as an artist, moving across two different physical mediums especially art spheres,this change fuses and marks a deep impression into an artist work.I have started undergoing this phenomenon and lets see how it progresses.

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