essay map: next deadline is january 11 2012

Thanks to all that submitted the research topic for your essay. The next step is to download the Thinking Practices essay map. You may only have a sketchy idea of your topic at this stage, but don’t worry: use it to develop your essay map as clearly as you can.  This will help us move forward.

Essay map: How are you going to develop your topic? A concept-map or diagram can show you how to break down your main idea into the sections of your essay.

Please complete the form and bring it to the Thinking Practices week 6 session: Wednesday January 11 2011.


About paula roush

I am a Lisbon-born artist based in London, UK. I am the founder of msdm, a platform for art practices that are mobile-strategies-[of]-display-[and]- mediation. It is a platform for both individual and collaborative work, shown in the context of exhibitions, publications, conferences and teaching/seminars. I work with photography, archives, found material and performance through editing strategies that investigate notions of authorship, authenticity, history and memory. I am interested in publishing as artists’ practice and as platform to explore the intersections between the roles of artist, editor and curator. My current projects look at ideas of (re) production in the work of art, resulting in publications in several formats that encompass the hand-made, the print on demand and the ebook.
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