week by week

Week 01Wednesday Oct 26 art and theory (introduction to the module)
Week 02Wednesday  Nov 2 art relationship with the document and documentary (at P3)
Week 03Wednesday  Nov 9 art relationship with the document and the documentary (seminar)
Week 04Wednesday Nov 16   Artist as theoristweek 4 is the deadline to submit the research topic for your essay 
Week 05Wednesday  Nov 23 Art and globalisation


Week 06Wednesday Jan 11 The feminist art theory project and gender /sexuality considerations in contemporary art theoryWeek 6 is the deadline for a summary and bibliography for your essay.
Week 07Wednesday Jan 18 Art, urban ­space and the public sphere
Week 08Wednesday Jan 25  Dialogical practices and relational aesthetics
Week 09Wednesday Feb 1 Postcolonial and diasporic studies
Week 10Wednesday Feb 8 Art as  knowledge production and postproduction
Week 11Wednesday Feb 15 Artists working with archives/ the realm of historical methods
Week 12Wednesday Feb 22 Writing art theory seminar

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