week 4 was the deadline to submit the research topic for your essay. email it to me by monday 21st  if you haven’t done it yet.

Week05 Wednesday November 23th/Topic: art and globalisation

  • Art’s relationship to globalization: as the art world as a system gets globalised ( internationalised), the art work is itself globalised
  • globalisation as a theme for artists to address
  • consequences of globalisaton for the theoretical art writing
  • implications for the western canon


Ratnam, N., 2004. Art and Globalisation . In: G. Perry and P. Wood eds. Themes in Contemporary Art. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, pp 276-313.

[available as pdf: ratnam-art-globalisation]

Prepare for the seminar by printing the text and choosing one point to focus on. You will post to the blog after the seminar.

About the seminar format:

Read a brief intro to the seminar format  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seminar <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seminar

Download and fill in this self-evaluation  form, for you to evaluate what you have contributed in seminars so far and plan a strategy for improving your contributions


Here is  a step by step guide to speaking in seminars that may help you in future seminars.


Enwezor, O., 2002. The black box. In: Documenta 11_Platform 5: Exhibition: Catalogue. Ostfildern-Ruit:  Hatje Kantz, pp. 44-55.

[available as pdf: enwezor-black-box]

Biemann, U., 2008. Writing Video – Writing the World: Videogeographies as Cognitive Medium. TRANSIT, 4(1), [online]Available at:

<http://german.berkeley.edu:8002/transit/2008/articles/biemannwriting.htm> [Accessed 7 October 2010].

Tate Modern, 2005. Wood, P., Globalisation & Art – A Brief History. Podcast, [podcast] March 2005. Available at <http://channel.tate.org.uk/#media:/media/36838610001/26627135001&list:/media/36838610001&context:/channel/playlists>[Accessed 7 October 2010].

Ward, F., 1999. Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin, 1950s-1980s,Frieze Magazine,  Issue 48 [online]Available at:


Roush, P., 2008, “Spaces, visibilities and transcultural flows: diasporic strategies in the local worlds. Lagos: Mundos Locais Local Worlds.

Download the  catalogue pdf

or read the essay at scribd


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