Week 07 Wednesday Jan 18/ Topic:  Art, urban ­space and the public sphere


Papastergiadis, N., 2010, Spatial Aesthetics, Art, Place, and the Everyday. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.

Download the pdf.

A selection of artistic and curatorial pratices mentioned in the text:

Lyndell Brown Charles Green Patrick Pound, Towards a Theory of Everything, 2000

Roger Palmers, International Waters, 2001

Stephen Willats, Pat Purdy and the glue sniffers camp, 1981


Trace, 1st Liverpool Biennale of Contemporary Art , 1999

Additional reading:

Doherty, C. 2008. Public Art as Situation: Towards an Aesthetics of the
Wrong Place in Contemporary Art Practice and Commissioning In. Jan Debbaut. 2008. Out of the Studio! Art and Public Space. Hasselt: Z33.

[available as pdf] doherty-PublicartasSituation

Kwon, M., 2004. One Place After Another: Site-specific Art and Locational Identity. Cambridge, MA and London, UK: MIT Press.


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