Project CrashBack – in The Everyday

On brief reflection of the session a few weeks ago on ‘The Everyday’, I have been putting some of its critiques and concepts into application with my own work.

Being that I am creating a photographic artwork project set over both time and space, I see the physical landscape that ‘users’ access on a daily basis as my creative area and my digital reflections of these are my supervisions of a system through shared experience. Setting in place a link between the real (the landscape) and the pseudo-revisionation of events (my re-photography) invites others to share in experiences that have taken place perhaps without their knowledge but in an area of familiarity.

In short – pushing the boundary of landscape photography and communication of experience through digital means (interactive mapping, viewer participation) creates my art mixed with the world and the automotive culture we live in. After all, cities are built entirely around the system of roads for transportation and we are travellers along these paths sharing proximity… Why can’t we claim a small section of these areas as integral parts to our memory and schematic perception?


About Dave Itzy

Digital media producer working with contemporary photography and video production.
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