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I am a filmmaker currently exploring rituals rooted in the Caribbean especially stick fighting. Based in London I have worked with broadcasters and press agencies as producer and director for news, current affairs and culture.

The Marco Polo Syndrome

It has been very inspiring to read about Jose Bedia’s work by Gerardo Mosquera in the context of the Marco Polo Syndrome. By practicing palo monte in Cuba,  an Afro Cuban cultural complex of Kongo origin, the Western artist “appropriates … Continue reading

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World as Archive

We make, gather, compile archives and create a world of archives so that we remember, so that we don’t forget our history and the stories of others. Human beings have taken great care in recording and storing the product of … Continue reading

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Globalisation as universal Art

When addressing the issue of globalisation, the immediate correlate seems to be homogenization. Colonialism globalised the idea that the West was superior and civilized in opposition to Indigenous cultures still very close to Nature. There was the West and the … Continue reading

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Indian Arts on Film

Some of the themes approached during the discussion with Arun Khopkar and John Wyver at Ambika P3 was objectivity in documentary making, the documentary method and documentary evidence. Both  filmmakers worked extensively with artists and it took, for some projects, … Continue reading

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My approach to documentary making

As I am embarking on making a documentary on a ritual from a foreign tradition: Stick fighting in Trinidad, I am studying documents, evidence, factual reports made by historians and ethnologists. Kitty Zulmans speaks of “documentary evidence”, she says “documentary … Continue reading

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Artist redefined

Still very much in the process of pinning down how I approach my practice, “Artist as theorist” from  Graeme Sullivan confused me even more or rather pointed out how much reading and integration work is required to theorize my approach … Continue reading

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